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Holy Land
08 Night / 09 Days Tour

DAY 01
Meet at Indian International Airport

Meet at Indian Airport for departure to Amman. Arrive at Queen Alia international Airport meet assist and transfer to Hotel in Amman & over night

DAY 02
Mount Nebo, Nazareth, Cana

After Breakfast check-out from the hotel and proceed to Mount Nebo, ten minutes west of Madaba, the final station in the life of the prophet Moses, the Jordan Valley and the hills of Jerusalem - mosses viewed the Promise land that he would never enter. Then drive to the holy land welcomed by our guide at the border. Proceed to Nazareth Church of the Annunciation. Mary's well, and St. Joseph's Workshop. Visit to cana, where we renew our marriage vows at the place were Jesus performed His first miracle of changing water into wine.. Check-n at hotel and overnight at Nazareth

DAY 03
Mount of Beutitude, Capernaum, Sea of Galilee, Mt. Tabor

After Breakfast visit Mount of Beatitude were Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, Continues to Capernaum where we visit Jesus synagogue and the House of St. Peter. Proceed to the primacy of Peter, Where Jesus appeared to his disciples after the Resurrection and where he performed the miraculous catch of the 153 fish and conferred church authority upon Peter, continue on to Tabgha, the traditional site of the multiplication of loaves and fish followed by a boat ride in Sea of Galilee. We travel to Ardent where we renew our baptismal vows right at the Jordan river. Evening we visit Mt. Tabor by special Taxi where the transfiguration of Jesus Christ happened... Then we proceed to Bethleham via Jordan valley or the costal valley of Mediterranean Check-n at hotel and overnight at Bethleham.

DAY 04
Bethlehem Jeruselam, Mt. Zeon

After Breakfast we drive to Jerusalem. The traditional house of caipas where Peter denied Jesus thrice and where Jesus was kept in the dungeon. Visit St.Mark convent the traditional site where mary went to sleep after crusification of Jesus. Last Supper room, where we remember the last supper and the desent of the holy sprit on the apostles on Pentecost. There after walk to the Dormation Abby and the traditional site f the Tomb of the king david.

We end the morning session with the visit to the western wailing wall considered to be the holiest site of Jews. Then we proceed to Bethlehem, the Shepherd's Field and the church of Nativit, "The birth place of Jesus" Visit st.eromes Grotto where the Bible was first translated from Hebrew. We also visit the Milk Grotto where Jesus mary and Joseph hided from the soldires of herod the great and overnight at the Bethleham

DAY 05
Jerusalem, Mt.Olives, Gethsemane, Old City - Via Dolorsa - Golgotha, Bethany

After Breakfast Proceed to the Mount of Olives view the church of Ascension and visit the church of Pater Nonster where we can see the prayer "our father in heaven" written in 144 Languages. Descend to Dominos Flevit where Jesus went e t over Jerusalem, preceeded to the garden of Gethsemane, Basilica of Agony and the tomb of St. Mary.

Then we enter the Old city through St. Stephen's or Lion's Gate then we visit the St. Anns church and the pool of Bethesda. Continue on foot to the church of Condemnation and flagellation, where we begin the Via Dolorsa. The last five stations of the cross are situated inside the Holy spelcher.The present route, follow the footsteps of our Lord jesus on his way to Calvery. Culminating the journey to golgtha an the place of the tomb itself the church of the Holy sepulcher. Visit the birth place of John the Baptist and visitation church. Then we, visit Betheney. The house of martha, mary and Lazarus ( Lazarus Tomb ) . Then we proceed to Jericho, Visit Mount of Temptation and Sycamore Tree of Dead Sea

DAY 06
Dead Sea, Red Sea and Senai

After Breakfast we check out from the hotel to proceed to senai via dead sea. We proceed to taba to enter egypt by noon and proceed to senai where Moses received the 10 commandments, on the way we travel through Senai Desert and Read sea . Stay at St. Catherine in Senai and overnight.

DAY 07
Mt. Senai, St. Catherine, Suez Canal & Cairo

Early morning we visit the monastry in Senai and visit the burning bush and the well in the church. We can view the mountain where mossess recived 10 commandments. Then we start our journey to Cairo and on the way we pass through Suez Canal and by evening reach Cairo city. Dinner and overnight stay in hotel in Cairo.

DAY 08
Pyramads, Sphinx, Old Cairo & Christian Church & Musium

After breakfast visit to pyramids, Sphinx, Old Cairo Christian Church, The Egyption Museum, and afternoon check-out from the hotel and transfer to Cairo international Airport for final departure.